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What advice would you offer to fellow EMS professionals?

Posted by Scott Millen on Jan 18, 2017 11:31:46 AM

Not much is said about the impact EMS professionals make on their community. I can assure you, it is not intentional. This past New Year's Eve, we launched the first of Ferno’s Annual Rolling Toast to EMS. Many of your friends reached out through social media in support.

At Ferno, we’re intensely focused on you - the trusted and highly respected members of every community. As EMS professionals, you've earned that. 

For 60 years, Ferno has worked to earn that same trust and respect from you. Every product is designed to be a solution for you, from iN∫X™, the world's first Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System™ proven to effectively eliminate lifting, to Ferno's iN∫TRAXX™ Integrated Vehicle Component System that increases patient and provider safety and operational efficiency.

Every Ferno product was inspired by all of you.

What inspires you? If you could offer advice or words of inspiration your fellow EMS professionals what advice would you give? We've put this question to some of you in the past. Below are a few of those submitted, which we hope will inspire you to offer your own words of advice or inspiration. 

You never know whether this will be the patient's last ride. Act accordingly. ~ Joe


Never forget the basics. Todd

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