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Single-handedly Safe

Posted by Scott Millen on Feb 7, 2017 1:55:06 AM


Why is the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America's (RESNA) Position Paper on the use of Evacuation Chairs having so much impact on the market? Researchers at the organization are focusing on other beneifts of the evacuation chair including one-person operation, which frees up other crew members to do more if necessary. 

ezglide2.jpgResearchers have studied the demands on firefighters operating a total of 14 carry-type, tracktype, and sled-type devices (Lavender, 2011; Lavender, 2013; Mehta, 2015). A fire service training mannequin was loaded in each device as it was taken down 1-1/2 flights of stairs, including 2 landings.

Several advantages of track-type evacuation chair use were identified. First, track-type chairs are able to be used by a single operator. This enables life safety personnel to be dispatched more quickly to all individuals who may require assistance in an emergency evacuation. Second, travel speeds along the stairs are within the range observed for the general population. While the track system provides friction to prevent free travel down the stairs, a pace matching that of other evacuees is possible.

Third, travel through landings can be relatively efficient. Although travel through a landing is slower than along the stairs, if a tracktype chair has an adequate wheeled base, it can be moved through the 180-degree turn efficiently. Fourth, the work required on the part of the operator, based on design, can be reasonable. The operator is not required to support the weight of the occupant at any time, and adjustable handles enable the device to be maneuvered safely. "



EZ-Glide® Evacuation Stair Chair

The EZ Glide® Tracked Stair Chair glides patient loads up to 500 lbs. down stairs without carrying or lifting. Ferno’s industry leading one inch track-to-ground clearance and front swivel-wheels provide superior maneuverability over carpet and in confined spaces such as stair landings. 



  • 500 lb. weight capacity accommodates large patients
  • Positive locking hinge mechanism ensures chair is locked in place whether deployed for use or folded for carrying and storage
  • One inch track-to-ground clearance provides easier maneuverability over all surfaces, even with tracks deployed
  • Smooth 4" front swivel wheels and extra tall 6" rear wheels do not collect debris and provide maneuverability in confined spaces such as stair landings
  • All metal frame construction
  • Seat area available in two snap-on ABS plastic panels



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