FERNO SPRING SALE: What's on your wish list?

Posted by Ferno on May 23, 2017 1:46:50 PM

springsalealone-272000-edited.jpgIn every business, there are tools that are necessary in order to be at a peak job performance. Ferno has spent more than six decades manufacturing innovative products and equipment for the EMS Industry with an established record of success. 

If you have a product on your wish list, check out Ferno's product list being offered during their Spring Sale.

Legacy Cots

Incubator Transport Cots


Basket Stretchers


Scoop Stretchers

Cot Accessories

02 Equipment


Cot Fasteners

Stair Chairs

IV Poles

Bags, Kits and Vests

Defibrillator Mounts (non-SAE)





What Is The Biggest Issue You Face In EMS?

In every single corner of America, EMS professionals stand ready for every call. It is expected of them, but what happens when expectations and needs don't balance with funding? How confident are you in your entire crew's ability to challenge the unexpected?

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